# Creating and Publishing Content

# Introduction

Welcome to the first tutorial in the Modyo training series. In this tutorial, you'll create and publish content using Modyo Content, the Modyo tool for managing dynamic, cross-platform sites.

# Dynamic Bank

Dynamic Bank is our fictional brand that we built to use in all our demos and tutorials. With Dynamic Bank you can live the experience of building digital products with Modyo.

Once you complete this tutorial series, your project should look like this:

View the design in Figma

# Prerequisites

You only need to have a Modyo account and have access to the platform. Don't have an account? You can request one with the platform administrator at your company, or request a trial here (opens new window).

# Step 1: Create a Space

Once you log in to Modyo with your account, we'll go to the Modyo Content module to create our first Space. A Space is where you group content types and entries from your sites.

To create your Space, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, select Content and click on Spaces.
  2. Click + New Space.
  3. In the New Space window fill in the following fields:
  • Name: Bank
  • Identifier: bank
  • Default language: **Spanish (Spain) **
  • Realm of Space: None
  1. Click Create.

# Step 2: Create "Hero" Type

Create your first content type by following these steps:

  1. In the Spaces window, click on the space Bank.
  2. From the main menu, click Types.
  3. Click + New Type and fill in the following fields:
  • Name: Hero
  • Identifier: hero
  • Cardinality: Multiple
Tipo de campo Nombre Valores que permitiremos
Asset Cover
Multiline text Text
Single line text Title Link
Single line text Url
Dropdown Button color
  1. In the content type window, drag the items in the following order.

Type Hero

# Step 3: Create and Post "Hero" Type entry

To create your first entry of type “Hero”, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, click Entries.
  2. Click + New Entry.
  3. Select the content type Hero and fill in the following values:
  • Name: "Wherever you are, Dynamic Bank is with you"
  • Identifier: dynamicbank_hero
  1. For the rest of the fields, use the following values:
Text We are with you for everything you need
Title Link Make an account now
Url #
Button color primary

When finished, select Publish Now and click Publish.

Very good! You have created your first Type and Entry successfully

Now follow the steps below to create the Types and Tickets you'll need for future tutorials.

# Step 4: Create "News" Type

From the main menu return to the Types section. As with the type “Hero”, create the type “News” with the following fields:

Field Name
Asset Cover
Multiline text Excerpt
Single line text Link
Single line text Url

# Step 5: Create and publish News

Go to Entries and create the following entries for the “News” type:

# First Entry

Name Locations
Text Find your closest location and avoid any hassles.
Link See locations
URL Destination url or #

# Second Entry

Name Mortgage
Text Everything that you need to know about your mortgage.
Link Learn more
URL Destination URL or #

# Third Entry

Name Gourmet Wednesday
Text 40% off every Wednesday in the best takeout restaurants.
Link See benefits
URL Destination URL or #

At the end of each entry, select Publish Now and click Publish.

# Step 6: Create “Benefits” Type

Following the same steps, create the type for “Benefits” with the fields:

Field Name
Asset Cover
Multiline text Excerpt

# Step 7: Create Categories

The categories are used to sort your entries. To filter your entries of type “Benefits” create the following categories.

  1. From the main menu, click Categories.
  2. Click + New Category and create the following categories:
  • Gourmet
  • Health
  • Activities
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  1. Click Save.

Your category window should like the following image.


# Step 8: Create and Publish Benefits

In the main menu, click Entries. Create the Benefits entries with the following fields:

# Benefit One

Name Master Card
Excerpt 20% off using your card in Miami.
Category Travel

# Benefit Two

Name Seafood Restaurant
Excerpt 20% off your total.
Category Gourmet

# Benefit Three

Name Dynamic AIR
Excerpt 30% off in international flights.
Category Travel

# Benefit Four

Name Kids clothes
Excerpt 2x1 for the entire month.
Category Shopping

# Benefit Five

Name Dynamic AID
Excerpt 15% off every Monday.
Category Healthy

# Benefit Six

Name Dynamic Cinema
Excerpt 40% off every Friday.
Category Panorama

# Benefit Seven

Name Dynamic FIT
Excerpt 20% off in annual plan.
Category Healthy

At the end of each entry, select Publish Now and click Publish.

# Step 9: Create "Testimonial" Type

Create the last type for testimonials, for this type you will need the following fields:

Field Name
Single line text Author
Multiline text Testimony
Asset Image

# Step 10: Create and Publish Testimonials

Create two entries with the following fields:

# Testimonial One

Name Testimonio Adriana
Author Adriana Pérez
Testimony I'm very happy with Dynamic Bank, because they gave me the opportunity to grow my business and now I am developing my next project.

# Testimonial Two

Name Testimonio Raúl
Author Raúl Díaz
Testimony I contacted Dynamic Bank, obtained my credit and now I am currently soliciting my third. I am truly grateful for their trust in me.

Remember to publish the posts you've created.

# Conclusion

Congratulations! You used Modyo Content to its full potential using Spaces, Types, Entries, and Categories to generate all the content you need to build the Home page for Dynamic Bank.

We already have all our entries to be able to develop the Front-end and the Home page for Dynamic Bank can be generated from Modyo Channels while the content is changed from Modyo Content.

What comes next? Managing this content from a Web site created in Modyo Channels.

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